Apartment Blue Church, Bratislava

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Apartment City Centre, Bratislava

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Apartment Danube, Bratislava

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Apartment Garden Terrace, Bratislava

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Apartment Garden View, Bratislava

Capacity: 1-4 pers. accommodation, Price: from 59 €

Apartment Grossling I, Bratislava

Capacity: 1-3 pers. accommodation, Price: from 55 €

Apartment Grossling II, Bratislava

Capacity: 1-4 pers. accommodation, Price: from 59 €

Apartment Grossling III, Bratislava

Capacity: 1-4 pers. accommodation, Price: from 59 €

Apartment Old Town, Bratislava

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Apartment Opera, Bratislava

Capacity: 1-4 pers. accommodation, Price: from 59 €

Apartment Theatre, Bratislava

Capacity: 1-4 pers. accommodation, Price: from 59 €

Apartment Twin City, Bratislava

Capacity: 1-5 pers. accommodation, Price: from 59 €
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Dining & Nightlife - Restaurants

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Although Bratislava is not the culinary centre of Europe, our "Little Big City" offers lots of restaurants and cafes to suit all tastes, from traditional Slovak restaurants to the trendiest lounges following the latest culinary trends.

Every visitor of Bratislava should try at least one meal of the traditional Slovak cuisine, with its peasant-culture roots. The Slovak national meal is Bryndzove Halusky, small potato dumplings, similar to Italian gnocchi, topped with sheep’s cheese mixed with cream and sprinkled with bits of fried bacon. It definitely is worth a try.

Stylish restaurants

Le Monde - Right in the heart of Bratislava‘s historical pedestrian zone, in the middle of Hviezdoslav square, you will find the stylish Le Monde restaurant. The name itself confirms that Le Monde represents a mixture of culinary creativity from all over The World.  The menu is a guide to various cuisines from Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, Asia and Central Europe, where modern and traditional cuisines come together. Beautiful rooms with an amazing view from the terrace and upper balcony combine with perfect service to make your visit memorable. A great place for new experiences! 

Fou Zoo - This kind of gastronomy is a turnover in our understanding of Asian cuisine. This is definitely not a folk restaurant - but those who wish to experience dining and cuisine of a higher quality should try it. Located on Sevcenkova 34

Upside Down - delicious steaks and 150 kinds of whisky on Laurinska street

Kogo - caffe ristorante - this restaurant inspired mainly by Italian cousine is located directly in the historical city centre of Bratislava. With its large terraces in mediterranean style opened all year around gives you a chance to enjoy the nice view of the building of the Slovak National Theatre

Paparazzi Ristorante & Cocktail Bar - chic Italian restaurant which is split into two parts. In the front there is a small bar and further there is a popular restaurant with tasteful meals and Italian wines. Located on Laurinska street.

Three Musketeers (Traja Mušketieri) – traditional cellar restaurant with 17th century atmosphere and waiters in traditional costumes from that age. On request there is a sword play entertainment available.

Flowers – visit in this place is like a relaxing in a winter garden. It is located in courtyard Erdödyho palace with a glass roof. Lot of flowers, paintings and a quite atypical interior. Special attention to the open space kitchen allows you to watch the chef  preparing one of the specialities of Italian or Mediterranean cuisine.

Irish Pub - is a very lively cosmopolitan pub, very popular among locals. Interior is very eclectic and interesting with a big fireplace and busy bar. It is not your romantic dining destination, but this is a great place to grab a bite to eat along with a Guinness or local beer.

Restaurant Prasna Basta - on Zamocnicka 11 has developed a strong reputation and is now featured in several tourist guides. What is interesting is that it remains very popular with an intellectual and artsy crowd of locals. In the summer, the restaurant offers very pleasant seating in its quiet backyard.

Slovak restaurants

Staroslovenska krcma (Old Slovak Tavern) on Michalska 14-16. Entering the tavern is like travelling several centuries back, to be precise, to the times of the prince Pribina in 9th century. The combination of wood, metal, paintings and tapestry is just a fraction representing the culture of this era.

Mestiacky pivovar (Bratislava Burgess Brewery) - great food with local specialities like "utopenec", "halusky" or "huspenina" and homemade beer. Located on Drevena street 8 and Dunajska street 21.

Slovenska restauracia u prasiatka (Slovak Restaurant at Little Pig's) on Rybarska brana 8

Prasna Basta on Zamocnicka 11

Kolkovna Czech Restaurant with local food located in Eurovea and RiverPark

1st Slovak Pub - the largest pub serving Slovak Food is on Obchodna 62

Bratislava Flagship Restaurant- the biggest Slovak restaurant is on SNP Square

Ethnic restaurants

Asian restaurant Fusion at the Crowne Plaza Hotel

restaurant Palatin on Laurinska st., restaurant Bamboo Garden on Frantiskanske Square, restaurant Jasmin on Zidovska st., restaurant Shanghai at the Hotel Astra on Prievozska st. Other Chinese restaurants are spread around the town.

Croatian restaurant U Mamicky at Palisady, with fresh seafood from a charcoal grill and a  open garden seating

restaurant Malecon at Namestie Ludovita Stura (deluxe restaurants, outstanding dishes, excellent service, Cuban live music nights available, cocktail bar), restaurant Havana on Michalska st.

Greek an authentic Taverna with an extensive menu and friendly service on Kosicka street
French Ludwig restaurant at Venturska street (luxury), Le Monde on Hviezdoslavovo square (luxury)
Indian restaurant Ashoka at Zivnostenska, restaurant Krishna at Bulharska, Govinda restaurant at Obchodna street (cheap but tasty vegan Indian)
Italian available at many different locations just few to list:  Pizza Mizza on Tallerova (largest pizza in town), pizzeria Ciao at Trnavska road (one of the largest with outside seating), Al Dente Risorante on Hodzovo square 3,  La Mamma at Skultetyho street (cozy small with one of the best pizza) or Estremo on the same street (stylish one with very good service)
Japanese Sushi Bar Tokyo on Strakova street ( also Thai food served), sushi Bar Kikaku on Gorkeho street, Asian Star at the Aupark Shopping Centre (also offering all-you-can-eat menu)
Jewish Chez David restaurant on Zamocka stret (delicious kosher-style cuisine)
Lebanon Samir restaurant on Zamocke stairs
Mexican restaurant El Diablo at Sedlarska street (quite expensive), Hysteria on Odbojarov street (large restaurant with portions which are very cheap).

Quick Tips

It is best to point to each menu choice even if the waiter seems to understand, to avoid misunderstandings later. When paying, it is customary to round up the bill to the nearest hundred or fifty, to a total of five to ten percent. Cash tips will be appreciated, even if you are paying for the meal by credit card.

Almost all restaurants serve “à la carte” and side dishes (rice, potatoes, or fresh salad) must be requested separately. You should be sure to ask separately even for ketchup, salad dressing and bread, and expect to pay a few crowns for each of them. Note that fish prices are often given by weight, not by serving, and so will often cost more in the end than the “example” price given in the menu.

You will find restaurants claiming to have traditional ‘Slovak’ dishes all over Bratislava. It is not an officially certified name – there is no quality control about which restaurants are really “Slovak”, so of course the quality and price may vary. But in general any restaurant that displays the Slovak-language “Slovenska restauracia” will offer you a real chance to taste authentic Slovak cooking. Menus tend to range from basic grilled meat to traditional peasant meals based around cabbage or “bryndza” soft sheep cheese.

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